Sunday, November 23, 2008

Scrapmojo Challenge!!

The girls here have done it again... They have come up with a great challenge. The challenge is to make a statement, use your layout as a soap box, and add ink... Well I don't have a statement to make, but I came across an essay my son wrote his senior year of High School and he has a statement to make... He's young and very opinionated: His essay reads:

This I Believe

What do I believe you ask? I believe in freedom. Freedom from oppression, freedom of thought, freedom of anything you can think of. I believe people have the choice to do what they want and regardless of what people say or think they should pursue their goals no matter how big the challenge. Many people look at me and think “Why does he dress like that, why does he do the things he does?” You know why? Because I want to, I’m my own person and I’m going to do as I please. Some people may think my dreams and goals are stupid, but as long as they make me happy then what does it matter. I have a freedom many people don’t have, the freedom of thought. No one can choose my mountain to climb, only I can. Many people follow in the footsteps of their parents and do what everyone wants them to. They are always looking for a way to make mommy and daddy proud, but when it comes down to it, they aren’t happy. Sure, they may be wealthy, have a big house, and be the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation. If that” floats someone’s boat” then by all means go for it. In my case though, I’m not going to spend the rest of my life in a cubicle working for some old man who probably doesn’t even know my name. I’m a free spirit. I would rather be poor and happy, than be wealthy and stressed all the time. “Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow you may die.” I love that quote. I live each day as if there isn’t going to be tomorrow. My philosophy, forget the past, forget the future, live for now. I have a freedom from worry. I’m not going to be locked in the cages of stress worrying about what tomorrow is going to bring. I will not be tied down by the bounds of society trying to make the world “happy” for the rest of my life. I’m free, in fact everyone is. Some people just choose to be and others don’t. I believe in freedom from anything that oppresses me. I will not follow the cliché path of life and live a mundane existence for the rest of my existence. I believe in freedom! And I will continue to live my life believing in it. FREEDOM!!!!
I don't agree with everything he say's, or does but I'm so proud of him... On my layout I marked Austin, TX. with a red dot and then put the yellow circle around it, because that is where he has chosen to be free....


Melissa said...

Very awesome layout! Love the circles in the corner and the journaling is amazing!
Thanks so much for playing along!
Melissa - Mojo

Michelle said...

Very cool statement. I was very close to scrapping a similar statement. Love those circles.
Sincerely, MJ (mojo)

Jessica said...

This is so awesome! Love the layout and the statement is from the heart...which is super. :)


Lindsay Duranceau said...

This is all the circles and so neat to scrap this!

Christina C. said...

okay, wow.
one, love the blog!
two, what a fab layout and an awesome statement