Friday, July 25, 2008

Another Challenge

This layout is for another challenge over at Scrap mojo. The guest mojo girl this week is Kerry Lynn. The challenge is to ask someone what they would do with a million dollars, and scrapbook about it, you also have to use a pen/pin somewhere on the page. I asked my daughter and her honesty just gets to me, that girl! If you can't read what she said I'm glad, because I wanted to hide it, we don't think the same way obviously. People can't believe she's my child, but I wouldn't take a million dollars for her, she lights up my life, and makes it a happy one. I love you Jordie...



Michelle said...

Well you've got me very curious about your daughter's response. I can't read it. :( I do like the colors and design of your lo. Thanks for playing.

Scrap Mojo

Kristi said...

Photos are super cute & fun. Thanks for playing with Mojo!

Lindsay said...

Lovely! Love how you included 4 different pics! :) Thanks for playing along!

-Lindsay (Mojo)

Melissa said...

Awesome layout!!
Thanks for playing!
...and ditto what Kristi said..the photos are awesome!
Melissa - ScrapMojo