Monday, July 21, 2008

It's Monday!

Happy New Week everybody. I had such a great week last week at the online crop at Scrapbookers Clubhouse, that I'm afraid I may be a little board this week, starting tomorrow. I started off today having to be a plumber, our lines were full of calcium so we had no water pressure on the cold water side, so my dad and I had to blow out the pipes. This is an ongoing thing that we actually paid a plumber about $700 bucks the first time it happened, but we watched and we learned and we now know how to do it ourselves. It lasted about a year since the last time we did it, which is good. We kinda forgot a couple of things since then and today was a little slow, until the lightbulb went on and we remembered our tricks. After my dad left I noticed the toilet valves in both bathrooms were screwed up and not functioning properly, so I marched down to the Home Depot picked up some new ones and had them replaced in about ten minutes, my husband will be happy that he doesn't have to do that when he gets home, its good to be married to a woman who can do everything! So here's to a peaceful rest of the week for myself and for all of you. I'm now off to do what I really love doing and that's scrappin. Have a great day.